Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Doggie Naughty 2

I could not resist doing a cute image of a dog running with toilet paper! I coloured him up with Copic markers.  
Who hasn't seen a pet (cat or dog for that matter) playing with a toilet paper roll!  

The paper from the Blissful Blues paper pack made this card super easy to put together.  I simply coloured the doggie and toilet paper, fussy cut, then pasted him down onto the paper that gives the appearance of a fence.  I just love that shade of blue - it is even more stunning in real life! 
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Doggie Naughty!

I was late getting a few birthday cards out, but my recipients didn't seem to mind when I presented them with this cute, innocent little doggie scene card!  I had a great time making the forest background with one of the dogs from my latest Doggie Naughty clear stamp set!  I also used some background trees from the older and discontinued Gnome Build a Scene Forest stamp set from a few years ago.  Usually grass is drawn in mostly vertical lines.  But I used these sweeping horizontal strokes with the alcohol markers, and it actually works really well to give the appearance if a soft grassy area.  Thank you and a shout out to Amy Young of Sweet November Stamps fame, for inspiring this type of treatment for grassy hills!
I used the Quick Strips die set to frame a couple of sentiments for the front of the card.  It was a hit!
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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Jungle Birthday

I love colouring up a scene card!  This floating tiger with his little gift makes it extra fun because I get to imagine a savannah style background, with those iconic African trees.  I also love doing up a cloudy sky, you just can't go wrong with clouds, so this card was a real joy to create!  I used the tiger from the Jungle Birthday set.  How I love to get that transparent look with the bunch of balloons.  It is a bit challenging, but once you get the hang of it, you feel pretty powerful, lol! ha ha Look at me! I can make transparent balloons! ha ha! What I do is, I colour each balloon as if they aren't transparent, so only inside the lines of each balloon.  Then, I take the lightest marker I was using and draw the rest of the balloon that is sitting behind other balloons.  So for instance, the orange and blue balloon were completed with no transparency showing.  Then I grabbed the lightest orange that I had used and drew the rest of the orange balloon, right over top of the blue balloon. You can see how that completed the orange balloon, as if you could see right through the blue balloon. Gosh it takes way more words to explain it than I wanted to use!! lol Hope that was clear as mud for ya!!
I used Copic markers as my base and then coloured over most of this with some Prismacolour pencils. Sometimes I like doing that, for two reasons; one, sometimes I might not get the blends that I want, and I've saturated the paper already and it just won't take any more marker.  So I supplement the colouring with a layer of coloured pencil on top of the marker layers.  Two, alcohol markers fade fairly quickly (in a few months, your marker art will have lost it's initial brilliance) and so adding a layer of coloured pencil makes the colours in your art work last a lot longer - it will still look vibrant a year from now. 
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Saturday, January 21, 2023

Babies From Above

I am hoping you love the irresistible cuteness of this baby from my "Babies From Above" clear stamp set as much as I do! I made this for our daughter who is about to give birth to our sixth grand-baby! She's my purple-loving daughter, so of course that had to be my colour theme choice.  I love how it turned out! 

I coloured the baby with Copics (takes very little time to do as it is a wee image) and fussy cut it out so that I could place it anywhere I wanted on a card.  I decided to frame it with a die cut circle and an older chipboard frame that I still had in my stash from a few years ago.  The colourful paper layers are from Whimsy's Fabulous Florals paper pack - which I reach for often because I love it so much! 

The sentiment fit so perfectly on one of the tags from the Bookmark and Tag die set, and I thought it lent itself to the perfect placement of a bow. 

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Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Fixing links, and, Cat Me-Wow for Christmas

I had such fun creating this card by putting together so many little accessory images from multiple sets!  The kitty is not from a Christmas set, it's from the Cat Me-Wow set, but by dressing it up in a Santa hat and adding a little Christmas candy, all of a sudden it's the purr-fect Christmas image (pun intended!).  All of the sets and dies listed below, along with links - I didn't realize until the lovely Chrissy, a long time fan of Whimsy, wrote to tell me that my links were not working! I hope this does not happen again, and I am still in the midst of going back over my blog to fix them.  I don't know if the problem is my older operating system, or if the problem is with Blogger linking to Share-a-sale.  But what ever the reason, I will be double checking that my links are working from now on.  Please drop me a line if you find a broken one, I would hate to cause more frustration. 
These images are all coloured using Copic markers, and fussy cut - I got sore in my neck and shoulders from the time that took! But I wanted to be able to place them where ever they looked best on the card.  Plus once I added one accessory image, I soon realized t it needed another.  And then another.  And another. So I kept on adding more! ha ha
But just to show you that you can use stamps exclusively to create your scene (no need to draw if you don't want to!) I thought this would be fun to do, and it was.  It just makes me laugh to look at it!

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Freebie Image - Penguin Dance Line

Merry Christmas to you! Here is a little gift I have for you on the Whimsy Stamps And Inspiration page! You can get this image of the Penguin Dance Line if you are a member of their Facebook group! There you will find a link to the black and white digital line drawing of these penguins that you can download and print at home.  Available only for a short time - until Dec 31st! And then it will go into the digital catalogue at Whimsy to purchase.  So get it free while you can! It's just my way of showing my appreciation to the supporters of Whimsy Stamps. 
I coloured it with Copics, fussy cut it out and adhered it to this sheet from the SurReally Cool Christmas slimline paper pack.  I didn't have to do anything else to it, so it made for a fast and easy scene card. 
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Monday, December 19, 2022

Santa's Magic (with Rudolph!)

Rudolph with your nose so bright, won't you guide my sleigh tonight? This is what Santa is saying to Rudy in this little scene! I loved that story from the time I was a wee one!  It was the kind of story that touched my heart - and still does!
I coloured the image with Copic markers before tearing the edges to make a torn frame.  I love that look! It adds some interesting texture.  It was so easy then to mount it on the beautiful neutral sheet from the paper pack Blurry Flurries.  All I had to do after that was die cut the holly from the Christmas Branches die set, tie a ribbon and boom, done!
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Sunday, December 18, 2022

Cat Do Christmas Two (in a gift box!)

The kitty in a gift box - just looking for some love and acceptance, like the rest of us!  He's promising to be good! For two whole minutes at least!! haha
I used Copics to colour this image and then got to work on framing it with some traditional red and green. I used a sheet from "Christmas Traditions", my digital paper pack at Whimsy (so you buy it and then print them off at home).  I love being able to print papers off at will, and never running out (as long as your printer ink is full!).  I made the striped background with the rubber cling "Brushed Stripes" - such a fun and fast way to make striped paper in any colour (any colour of ink that you have on hand!). 
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Happy Owlidays Too

There are some beautiful neutral papers in the Blurry Flurries paper pack, and I am making good use of them this year! I thought this sheet matched this image perfectly!  I used an owl from the Happy Owlidays Too set, and framed it with the holly that is also in the set.  Coloured them all up with Copics, framed them with a sheet of red card stock and adhered it to the neutral background.  Links to the Whimsy products on this card are below.  I get compensated for any purchases of my images, or of Whimsy products if you purchase them through my links on my blog here, so thank you very much for your kind support! It keeps me drawing and creating for Whimsy!

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Very Mice Christmas

Here's an oldie but a cutie, from Very Mice Christmas! I coloured it with Copics and tore the edges for a different look.  It's mounted on a sheet from Blurry Flurries - one of my all time fav paper packs at Whimsy Stamps.  The wooden star and chipboard sentiments are from my stash from years ago.  I like the simple look of this one. Links below will take you right to where you can find those two Whimsy products, and if you make a purchase through my links I do get compensated - so thank you very much if that is you! Your support is very meaningful to me. Thanks for coming by!