Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Santa's Magic

It's that time of year again!  I'm starting to build up my Christmas card stash and having so much fun doing so!  Today's card features the newly released (as of Oc 2022) Santa's Magic.  I coloured up a whole scene around the image using mostly Copic markers but also some Prismacolor coloured pencil (in the sky and on the image itself).  I put so much into the details of this scene that I thought it didn't need any other decorations.  The final touch was some Copic White off my paintbrush for the stars in the sky and the swirly snow flourishes. I learned something about applying Copic White to coloured pencil though - it sits on top of the wax from the coloured pencil, and so it gets wiped off if you so much as touch it!  So note to self - no more Copic white on top of coloured pencil! I'll have to tell the recipient not to touch the stars! 
 Link to the new stamp set below, and as always, I do get compensated if you purchase one of my images and also if you follow my links to make said purchase. Thank you in advance if that is you!


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