Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Cat-o-lanterns and No Fuss Masks!

I am super excited about a new product launch at Whimsy Stamps! They are now offering some No Fuss Instant Masks for those of you who like to mask off an image so that you can safely colour a background.  They work incredibly well and save a ton of time and energy on making your own masks! I am so proud of Denise and Deb for coming up with this fantastic idea.  It really is a time saver for someone like me, who loves to mask images to create a background!  
I used to have to carefully cut ("fussy cut") around a second stamped image to create a mask for my first stamped and coloured image.  Then I would apply a few drops of glue around the mask, close to the outer edges, and wait five minutes for it to dry to a semi-permanent state. Then adhere it, and colour my background.  The scary part was always lifting it off later - did I wait long enough for the glue to dry to a tacky state? Or did I get impatient and adhere it while the glue was a little too sticky - in which case, lifting it off the image would damage the paper and colouring underneath!  I have had a few images get "hurt" with the old method.  Well, out with the old and in with the new! Ha! Thanks to Whimsy!  I can now adhere these masks that are already cut perfectly to fit my stamped image, and I can remove it without fear of damaging the paper underneath, as it is just the right "tackiness" without making a permanent bond.  Not only can I mask without damaging images, but also the time it used to take to stamp and fussy cut the image is now mine to just keep playing and creating! Yay!! And I have noticed that I can get at least a couple uses out of the mask, as long as I remove it with care.  Win win! 

All the product links are listed below - and If you make a purchase at Whimsy Stamps by following one of my links,  I get compensated (at no extra cost to you) even if it isn't a product from my line -  And of course I get compensated for every purchase you make from my line of images at Whimsy too.  Thank you so much for your kind support - because it means I get to continue drawing for Whimsy and having fun with all of you! 

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