Monday, July 31, 2023

Cat Trouble!

I have a couple of people to thank for the inspiration for this set, and for how I coloured Cat Trouble, which I drew for Whimsy awhile ago.  First of all, my dear friend thought it would be funny for me to draw a cat that had fallen into a fishbowl.  So I credit her with the idea, which spawned all the other images in this set.  She gave me the initial idea and I took it from there. Thank you dear friend! Secondly, I want to give the proper acknowledgement to Jennifer Dove for cards she has online that show how she treats water in a jar! That was the key for me, to making this colouring come to life.  Here is a link to her post that helped me colour the water in this glass fishbowl! Jennifer Dove's card
I couldn't have done the water without a good opaque white to contrast with the grey tones of the water.  That's why it looks 3D above the cat's head.  So if you want to replicate the look, you will need a good white gel pen or white acrylic paint pen, or just some white acrylic paint and a detail brush.  And it goes on LASTLY, after all the other colouring is finished!
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