Monday, March 25, 2019

Penguin Ray card drive

Hi Everyone! I have drawn a very special penguin called "Penguin Ray", a digital image for Whimsy. It is special to me because my older brother Ray requested that I draw a penguin undergoing Chemotherapy, to express how he is feeling.  He absolutely loves what I came up with.   He was diagnosed with a very serious cancer, and is fighting with all that is in him to get into remission. If any of you know anyone who has/has had cancer, you know what a toll this takes on a person and on those who love them; and you probably also know that a little encouragement goes a long way.  I want to reach out to my crafting friends to ask for your help in encouraging Ray to keep fighting. I would like to flood Ray's mailbox with Penguin Ray cards from all over the world! Ray is a person who reaches out to others - he has all his life; he has helped raise many children, and is a father figure to many, including his kid sister - me! Everything about his life is about reaching out to make this world a gentler, kinder place to be.  Let's show him that kindness comes back to those who give it out. 
To join in this card campaign, simply go to Whimsy Stamps and purchase this digital penguin image, Penguin Ray. Neither Whimsy nor I will take any money from the sale of Penguin Ray.  One hundred percent of the money collected from the sale of this digital image will go to Ray's favourite charity, Make A Wish Foundation Canada. So by purchasing the image you are helping to make the wishes of terminally ill children come true.  This is very dear to Ray's heart because he has such a love for children.  Even his choice of charity says a lot about this man. 
Please contact me via my email ( to obtain Ray's mailing address if you are sending him a card. And thank you in advance for your participation in this worldwide wave of love for Ray.  It's time, Ray, the world has been listening, and is answering you back with some of the love you gave out.
Here is a badge if you want to join in and spread the word about both the charity donations and the card drive for Ray on your blog (you will need to add a description about the card drive and give them a link back to this post for the information): 

For my card, I altered the look of the penguin to turn it into a birthday card for Ray.  I added the cake over the IV bag, and the balloons by stamping them separately and then fussy cutting them and pasting them over the image.  Ray thought that was a hoot and he laughed so hard!  The images were coloured with Copics. 
Thanks so much for looking and for reading. 


  1. I have bought this lovely Penguin, I hope your Brother will go into remission. I do know what you are going through, my Husband recovered and is totally Cured. I will keep both of you in my prayers. Marlene

  2. Darling Crissy, your images are always so full of joy and love and wonder and this is especially so. It makes me well up thinking of you what your brother is going through and all those who love him too! I want to wrap you up in a big hug hunny, you must be so worried. I hope with everything in me, that Ray will begin to respond to the treatments. I've sent my card, with no clue when it will arrive from NZ, so fingers crossed the post is speedy. I do hope he gets some encouragement from his happy snail mail. What a wonderful sis' you are, using your talents this way, to make a difference, not just to Ray, but to so many in need. It's a wonderful thing you and Denise are doing with this promotion. I love your gorgeous card, it's so clever turning it into a birthday card! Flawless colouring as always. Love in every detail! Sending love and huge hugs, Wends xoxo

  3. I was so sure I'd left you a lovely comment on this post the other day Crissy. I'm probably hanging out in your spam filter! I love what you've done with this heartbreaking, but equally heartwarming image Crissy. You big bro' must have been so touched when you gave this to him! Feeling so deeply for what you're going through right now and sending so much love and wishes for Ray's healing. Oodles of love, Wends xoxo