Thursday, March 26, 2009

Copic Certified!

I got certified!! I took the Copic Certification Course this week in Toronto . What a BLAST! I wish I could do it again already! There was SO much to learn and our darling teacher, Marianne Walker is, in my humble opinion, one of the most skilled, talented and mind blowing artists I have ever had the joy to meet!
Now you'll have to forgive me, I tend to forget to take photos, so I only have three to share with you, but here are my stamping buddies that I shared a room with in the hotel. L to R its Janette Olen, Kim Reid, Andrea Murdock, and me :

When I first arrived at the hotel, Kim saw me and came RUNNING down the hall to meet me!! I knew I loved that woman from getting to know her online, but that just sealed the deal for me. Anyone who runs to meet me cuz they are so excited about it wins my heart, hands down! And it only got sweeter from there. Her and her best bud Andrea went to Stamping Bella the day after I arrived and picked up some inks for me. Love you guys! Waving!!
While Kim and Andrea (Andrea is a HOOT. Kept us laughing!) were in stamp heaven, I went in the other direction to visit with my daughter Valerie in St. Catherines, and to meet up with Janette who was coming up from the States. It was another moment of sweetness to finally see her in person as well, and we shared some great conversation over at Val's house. Janette, you are a generous and sweet girl! Waving!!
Back at the hotel we stamped off images from one another's stashes and chatted up a storm. The sweet Amy Leggate joined us for the evening too! It was such a fun pajama party! Topic of conversation: Stamping, of course!

The three High Hopes Divas:

Andrea and Kim having fun stamping in our hotel room Sunday night:

I highly recommend the course to anyone who is wishing to learn how to play with Copic markers. Marianne is not only a skilled artist but also definitely knows how to teach. She was just brilliant and kept a flow going. I just gawked at her artwork too, it is astounding, but even moreso when you see her do it right before your eyes. At lunch time, in the restaurant, she turned a blank page into a work of art. Took her, what, twenty or thirty minutes? Definitely raised the bar for me, personally, to watch someone like that. I have an excitement about where I can grow as an artist because of her demonstrations.
God bless, and thanks for visiting!


  1. What a Wonderful time you all had!!...Thanks so much for sharing all these fabulous photos Crissy!!...Hugs, Ila

  2. Sounds like you had a fabulous time and great seeing the photo's Crissy, Congratulations on getting certified, Big Hugs, Nikki x

  3. Looks like so much fun! :) Thanks for showing all these fun photos and congrats on the certification! :)
    Hugs, Christine

  4. Oh how lucky for you to get to go to the copic class. I just love my copic's thats for sure and so glad you had a wonderful time dear.

  5. Crissy
    Good for you:-) I went to the Pa. one March 15th and got my certification, I had a blast with my friend there and learned some things I didn't already know:-) all in all it was alot of fun to do !
    have fun coloring:-) I am
    Michele spera

  6. Oh, oh, OH!!! I was at the same certification class!!! No wonder you looked familiar! As did some others that I saw there as well! *LOL* Okay...gotta finish reading your post, I got so excited that I stopped reading to comment! LOL

  7. sounds like a wonderful time was had. Have never tried Copics but love admiring what everyone else does with them

  8. How much fun to be with friends! I know you had a blast! Such wonderful pictures, thank you for sharing them.