Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Jungle Birthday

I love colouring up a scene card!  This floating tiger with his little gift makes it extra fun because I get to imagine a savannah style background, with those iconic African trees.  I also love doing up a cloudy sky, you just can't go wrong with clouds, so this card was a real joy to create!  I used the tiger from the Jungle Birthday set.  How I love to get that transparent look with the bunch of balloons.  It is a bit challenging, but once you get the hang of it, you feel pretty powerful, lol! ha ha Look at me! I can make transparent balloons! ha ha! What I do is, I colour each balloon as if they aren't transparent, so only inside the lines of each balloon.  Then, I take the lightest marker I was using and draw the rest of the balloon that is sitting behind other balloons.  So for instance, the orange and blue balloon were completed with no transparency showing.  Then I grabbed the lightest orange that I had used and drew the rest of the orange balloon, right over top of the blue balloon. You can see how that completed the orange balloon, as if you could see right through the blue balloon. Gosh it takes way more words to explain it than I wanted to use!! lol Hope that was clear as mud for ya!!
I used Copic markers as my base and then coloured over most of this with some Prismacolour pencils. Sometimes I like doing that, for two reasons; one, sometimes I might not get the blends that I want, and I've saturated the paper already and it just won't take any more marker.  So I supplement the colouring with a layer of coloured pencil on top of the marker layers.  Two, alcohol markers fade fairly quickly (in a few months, your marker art will have lost it's initial brilliance) and so adding a layer of coloured pencil makes the colours in your art work last a lot longer - it will still look vibrant a year from now. 
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