Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thoughts on Love

 Love is not something to accomplish, and thus, it is not something at which we succeed or not succeed at. Love is not something God gives us directions and guidelines for so that we can go out and “do it”. Just by being who He is (love) God, aka Jesus, showed us what love looks like. 

But it is not something we can accomplish or do. When we look at Jesus and how He lived and what He did, we can recognize love when we see it.  Jesus provided a stark contrast between what Love truly is and what the world called “love”, which was actually hatred by comparison. 

The only way we love as He loves is to let and allow His love to flow through us. And the only way we let and allow His love to flow through us is by believing and receiving Jesus, His Love, on every level in our hearts. 

We love because He first loved us. That is the key to it. Behold He stands at the door (to our hearts) and knocks. We become like Him when we let Him in to our hearts. 

When we let Him in, He shows us who He is and who we really are. And when we know who He is and who we are on every level, we can let His love flow out from us on every level. Until we know, have a deep unmovable revelation and conviction of His love for us in the deepest places of our hearts, we are crippled by ungodly thoughts about ourselves, and about Him and about others, and in this crippled state, we cannot truly love as He does. But oh, what bliss, when we let and allow Him in, and let that conviction of His love take root (rooted and grounded in love). For then we witness, just like with Jesus, His love flowing in and through us and out to others. It is truly a beautiful thing. 

Learning to let Him in and to be all that He says we are is a process that takes time. We get to see glimpses of it as we learn and grow up into Him. And as we mature, these glimpses become a part of the flow of our lives, and become more than mere glimpses, but a way of life. 

It is not about doing though, it is about being – being in Love with God, being with Him in every moment, being Who HE created us to be, and truly knowing what that is. 

The “doing” of the righteous acts of the saints comes naturally out of such a state of heart and mind. It becomes “natural” to love rather than to hate, fear, or otherwise act unrighteously. And then we can say, it is not something we accomplished, or did. It is Someone we ALLOWED to flow in and through us.  It is Jesus loving through us.  It is that one-ness and unity with Him that manifests true love.  

Love is not possible without Him, for there is no love apart from God.  There is no set of instructions or rules to follow whereby we can say we have followed them, and thus we have loved.   For love is a Person.  Love is Jesus.  Jesus is God.  And God is Love. 

I wish to spend my life in Love with God, allowing Him to love me fully, and allowing His love to flow outward from me to others.  This is my passion in life: my God who is Love.  There is nothing and no one worth giving my life to other than to Him.   He is beautiful beyond description. 

And He is everything that you, dear Reader, have ever longed and wished for.  We all long to be loved passionately and fully and to be accepted and cherished for who we are.  I am here to proclaim to you today that this IS what you have in Jesus who is the God of all.  He loves you that much.  He wants you to know Him and His love for you.  It is personal and it is real.  

But it is up to you to let Him in, to let His love in. 

Won't you give it a thought today.  Give Love a chance.  He is longing that you would!

God bless you and thank you for reading! 
PS  Ann Vento of Raindrop Echo Designs graciously has put some of my love sayings into digi stamp format.  If you want to see the set she so beautifully created, go HERE.  Bless you!


  1. Thank you for giving me more inspiration. This is beautifully, written, Crissy.

  2. Your words here are so inspiring, Chrissy! Thanks for sharing them with us! big hugs, Angela