Sunday, March 21, 2010

Winner of Name the Bunny contest!

Thanks to all who participated in the "Name the Bunny" contest that Holly held over the weekend!  It was hard to choose.  I had a list of ten favourites and then narrowed it down to two.  But the one that struck me the most was
and it was suggested by Catherine Breakwell.
I can't say why, it just had a ring to it, and seemed to suit this little guy, who I think of as a boy bunny (probably because my daughter had two boy bunnies when she was growing up!).
Congratulations, Catherine!  Be sure to contact me at my e-mail addy so I can get an image to you!


  1. Hi Crissy ! I am thrilled to bits ! I am so so happy I have won ! "Rupert" just seemed right straight away, don't ask me why !!! Hugs and smiles from Catherine

  2. I'm so glad the little bunny has a name now, and I think Rupert is a great name!

  3. O I love Rupert too :) Congrats Catherine xx