Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ten Things, Ten Blogs

I got this award from Mary (thanks Mary!) and I just couldn't resist posting it! If you want a giggle for the day, go read what Mary wrote.  I had a good chuckle!
The rules to receive it are, list ten things about yourself people may not already know, and then pass it on to ten blogger friends.  Ok, so here goes! 

1) I love horses!  I think they are the most beautiful animal on the planet.  Which makes it really fun to be drawing the carousel series right now for Whimsy Stamps!
2) I love to paint full size paintings - though I don't get time to do that these days.
3) I sing, play the guitar, and write my own songs.  Again, not much time for that anymore, but I still love it!
4) My art room is a total mess most of the time.  I try to organize, but those skills don't come naturally to me!  That's probably why I have never posted pics of my art room.  Believe me, you wouldn't want to see it!!!
5) My feelings are hurt very easily, but I forgive just as easily! 
6) I am not afraid of getting older.  I see it as being that much closer to seeing the God I love face to face!
7) The minute I wake up, I start a conversation with God.  I start with "Good morning Lord, thanks for the good nights' sleep, and go from there.  He and I converse all day long.  
8) I love colouring now, but six years ago, I did not enjoy it!!!!!  I didn't know what I was doing and my first attempts at colouring stamped images looked like a child had done it!!!!  I used to stamp off an image ten or twelve times because it took me that many tries to get it right! The first nine or eleven would go into the garbage!  NO word of a lie!!!! 
9) My hubby Mike made a harp for me three years ago. It is my favourite instrument.  But I haven't had time to learn how to play it!  He is learning to though!
10) I am an American Idol addict!  I don't like any other show on tv.  Watching tv makes me feel like I'm wasting time that I could be using to create something, so I don't do much of it! (except on Tuesdays at eight and Wednesdays at nine!)

Ten bloggers (in no particular order) I have chosen for this award are:
Zoe - you should see her recent post - a pop up card that is extraordinary!
Melanie - you think I can colour??? Go see what Melanie can do!!!

Enjoy visiting those blogs! They are well worth your time!


  1. Thank you, Crissy!! I'm so honored that you mentioned me. You're a doll!
    - Ann

  2. Crissy!! Thank you so very much. What an honour to be on a list with these talented artists!

    What a fun way to get to know our blogging friends a little better! I've already played along on my blog, and passed it on to some other friends. I very much enjoyed reading your ten tidbits!


  3. Oh thanks so much for passing this on to me sweetie, I am so honoured to be included! I will get the award posted on my blog asap xx

  4. Thanks so much for thinking of me Crissy and for sharing some love!! You a such a great friend and I am so honoured to be yours!!
    Sarah :)

  5. Thanks Crissy! Right back at you! I will display this one with pride and hopefully find some time soon to post it on my blog. Thanks for thinking of me! HUGS

  6. Hi ya Sweetie and thanks very much for the award, I really appreciate it and it was great to read your ten things. I never thought of you with a messy art room, my minds eye sees you all serene in tranquil surroundings LOL! Just goes to show, the artistic soul also has the messy side, I'm the same, you should see my mess, M despairs :D! I think it's amazing that your M is learning the harp, can you get him to give us a little video spot :D, harp music is so cool!! Will catch up with you v. soon. Love and hugs, Chris xx

  7. Wow. I don't know what to say but thank you dear Crissy. I just loved reading the ten things you wrote about yourself. I could never imagine you not being able to colour. I actually do the same now! I have so many half finished stamps coloured in because I can't colour hair, well not the way I want it to turn out anyhow. You'll have me thinking over the next few days as to what 10 things I will share about myself. Big squeezes.
    Zoe xoxox