Friday, July 31, 2009

I did an oopsie

Some of you may have gotten a sneakie peekie at a blog post I was preparing for over a week from now! Oh well, if you did, you know what the challenge is going to be way ahead of time. Boo for me, yay for you! ha ha
I laugh at myself.
I meant to press "post options" so I could post date the post... but instead, I hit "publish post". The deed was done. There was no retreiving it. So, I just deleted the guts of it... not sure how to delete the rest.
Anyway, that's why you see these two empty posts. Not sure how I got two of them either. I'm having a great day with computers... it all started this AM when my hubby left to work in town (he usually works from home) . Of course I waited til he was gone before I booted up, and lo and behold my mouse wouldnt work!! Every other day it works, but the minute he left to travel forty five minutes away, it stops working. Anyhow, he got me going by troubleshooting over the phone at lunch hour. He told me to yell at it... said that's what he does... ha ha
But that's the way it's been going for me today with machines... ah well, some days are diamond...


  1. My daughter used to say "I did an oopsie" but it had a whole different meaning, LOL! At least you didn't do that kind of oopsie! :0)

  2. I keep doing that Crissy! If it happens again, all you have to do, is go into 'edit posts' and then choose 'save as draft '. It disappears from view and and is safely tucked away until needed.
    Viv xx

  3. I was just going to post the tip that Viv gave above. Also wanted to add that if you do that fast enough, Google reader usually can't pick up the post and nobody will see it! Guess how I know...! lol!