Friday, February 27, 2009

more amazing snow pics

Couldn't resist showing you more pics of the snow!
This fence is six feet high. Its the little "doggie yard" (just for them to use as a toilet area). I had to get in there today to clean it up (they access it through a doggie door).
See the shovel leaning up against our four wheeler? See the four wheeler? No? Neither do I anymore!

I stepped off the path where the snow isn't compressed and sank up to my crotch in snow! See my left leg? No? That's because its buried in SNOW! I had to take this picture, but wish Mike had the camera to take it for me. He was too busy snow blowing!!

There's the rose bushes from another angle. That snowbank is now higher than me!

Our front door. See the neighbor's house to the left? Well, SOME of their house, anyway! What a load of SNOW!


  1. That's nuts Crissy!! It's -25 here right now but I am hoping it warms up soon!!

    Hugs, Kelly

  2. Crissy - this is incredible - wow I have never seen so much snow. I now realise how rubbish we are in Britain at coping with even a small amount. The whole country grinds to a halt with just a few inches. It does look so pretty though :o)
    Stay cosy
    hmmm meant to mention .... where is the dog????? Hope not under all that snow, lol

  3. What a gorgeous pics. I hope you have a lot of fun. Higs Marja

  4. Couldn't resist commenting on the snow! We are expecting 30-40 more cm of the white stuff starting Sunday. I am really wishing I had snowshoes or cross country ski's. I think next year I will invest hehehe

  5. The snow pictures are amazing...I'm originally from sunny Florida and just can't fathom all of that.

    About 4" to 6" of snow is predicted for the Charlotte, NC area where I live and it'll almost shut down the city. We definitely wouldn't be able to function with your kind of snow. Is what you have unusual for where you are this time of year? Just wondering?

    Sharon H

  6. Hi Sharon; Its not really unusual, I have seen quite a few winters with this much snowfall, and even more! But in the past ten years there has been a marked decrease in the amount of snow we have been getting. Two years ago, the ski hill we live beside only opened for one week. There just wasn't enough snow! But I don't think we broke any records with this snowfall. It is a lot, but its rather normal for here! Still the ski resorts and skiers as well as snow machine owners are really happy right now!