Sunday, February 1, 2009

HHC16 Lace!

Edited to add: Kim of Kraftin' Kimmi's Korner is having daily challenges with chances to win blog candy all week to celebrate her birthday, AND there is a big draw at the end of the week, so go check it out!

I had the hardest time spittin this card out! The challenge over at the High Hopes Blog this Sunday is to do a card or project using some form of lace. You can use lace border punches, lace corner punches, real lace, lace on your dp, paper lace, any sort of lace! If you join the challenge and post a link to your creation on the HH blog, your name will be entered into a draw to win two free stamps! The hostess for this challenge is the talented Ila. If you haven't been to her blog yet, you are missing out! Her card on the HH blog also displays the two stamps that Tina will give away to one lucky winner in the draw. You have until Saturday night to post a link to your creation with lace onto the HH blog so go get creating!
On the HH blog, there is a second post as well showing the new Project Of The Month stamps that are on sale for the month of February! The sale starts today and runs til the end of the month. What's more, it is a SNEAK PEEK at the new release that is scheduled for Feb. 15th! And you can get in on it now! All you gotta do is write to Tina HERE and ask for the Feb. POTM set!

Ok, so all week, I am planning to make my lacey sample card on Saturday. I was thinking of my Fiskar's lace edge punch and planning to use it.
So Saturday morning, I go rummaging through my craft supplies drawers where I keep my punches... no lace punch... EEK! Suddenly I remember giving it away to a new crafter last year! Yikes! What am I going to do!!
No problem, I think, I distinctly remember saving the lacey paper doilies off a table at a ladies dinner last spring. I knew they would come in handy for card crafting one day, and that day had arrived! So, I look through all my drawers to find where I stashed them. I look and look... no doilies!!
Oh well, I knew hubby Mike and I were going shopping so I figured I would go pick some up at a dollar store.
Mike and I go shopping in the city (forty minute drive away) and find some great paper doilies at the Buck or Two. Even HEART shaped ones, in red! PERFECT! I still have some Valentines to make so of course I feel great with my red paper lace doilies!
After the dollar store purchases, we head to the theater to watch "Bolt" at the matinee. One of the best movies I've seen; I laugh so hard and then cry near the end, and can't believe I'm crying over a CARTOON! Anyway, we leave the theatre and get about twenty minutes into the forty minute drive home, when BAM, it hits me... I left the bag of dollar store lace doilies in the theater!!!
Mike asks if I want to go back -- so he turns the car around (on a four lane, no less!!) when he suddenly changes his mind and says it would be better if we go to the dollar stores in the next town (we live three towns away from where we had shopped). So he turns BACK around, and we go to the dollar stores in the next town.... NONE of them have doilies, let alone heart shaped red doilies. We looked in three stores...
SO, I figure I ought to be a BIG GIRL and not pout about loosing the best little red lacey heart shaped doilies I had ever seen, and so I tell him forget it, lets just go home... But, instead of turning out of the parking lot for home, he turns back onto
the highway that takes us back into the big city where I first got the doilies, and takes me back to that first store, even though it adds another forty minutes of driving onto the day!
Now, should he get a medal for Best Husband or what!
I finally got my card made this afternoon. I'm not as happy with it as I hand hoped to be. However, it is what it is! and I wasn't about to NOT post it after all that!!
I stamped Snuggle Lions onto Magna paper in Brown Distress Ink and colored them with the following Copics:
I colored the entire surface of both lions with
E50 Egg Shell
Then I started layering other colors on, from lightest to darkest with the following:
E53 Raw Silk
YR20 Yellowish Shade
E31 Brick Beige
E33 Sand
E34 Orientale
E55 Light Camel
Y28 Lionette Gold
E37 Sepia
E57 Light Walnut
E29 Burnt Umber
E47 Dark Brown
E59 Walnut
E49 Dark Bark
For the shadow on the light portion of the paws and muzzle, I used
BV20 Dull Lavender
BV23 Greyish Lavender
Followed by YR20 Yellowish Shade
For the blush on the cheeks I had used a very pink shade, RV10 Pale Pink and didnt' like it so I added R20 Blush on top. I added a highlight with a white gel pen.
The background colors are:
BG10 Cool Shadow
BG72 Ice Ocean and
BG18 Teal Blue.
Here is a closeup of the colored image:

I used a Fiskar's corner punch, "Lace" to do the corners.
I am really excited for when I get to go to Toronto in March and take a Copics Certification course!! I will really find out how to use those babies! Right now I know I am fumbling along, and learning by trial and error. It will be great to get some real instruction! Best part is, I will get to go and meet Kim and Janette! Two of my fellow Diva girls!! Yay!
Anyway, roast is ready (I can smell it!) so thanks for coming by and God bless you today!


  1. I think you did a fabulous job of coloring this image......I love it! I need to work on my skills, but seeing what you've done here is inspiring! Thank you!

  2. Crissy, your card is beautiful!! I love your coloring always and this one is just as amazing! I love the heart doilies, too!

  3. This card is just fantastic Crissy!! Oh, and I think you already do a fabulous job with the Copics!!

    Your hubby is fabulous and supportive to go to all that trouble for you!! :)

  4. Crissy, I think you should give the copic class instead of taking it! Your coloring of the lions is amazing! Great job!

  5. This card is Gorgeous Crissy!! I love your copic coloring...and really don't know how it can be more fabulous!..the lacey hearts, roses and corners look Beautiful!!..I love this card!!

  6. wow Crissy your colouration of your image is amazing, what a wonderful card. Hugs rachxx

  7. This card is fabulous, as always and your copic coloring is amazing.

  8. What a wonderful hubbie!! aren't they soo understanding of our 'hobby'? I think your colouring is wonderful! So much depth ans shading. Great great and of course fabulous lace heart doilies!!
    Judy x

  9. this is gorgeous, your colouring of your image is breath-taking. So glad you managed to get your red doilies after all that!!!

  10. Your colouring is gorgeous Crissy and I just love the lace doilies.. so pretty.. the little roses are so sweet, Thank you for leaving comments on Zoe's blog she gets so excited when she gets comments from Crissy Armstrong ;-) Big Hugs, Nikki x

  11. Wow this is amazing Crissy! I love the doilies and they are even more amazing knowing the story behind them all. You colouring really blows me out!

  12. Hello Crissy, I love your colouring and I love the sweet lions.

  13. OMG this is just fantastic! I definitely agree with Sue that you could give the copic class, your colouring is outstanding! Never would have thought to stamp the snuggly pair in brown ink either - great idea!!
    And what a fab hubby you have, does he have a brother? ;) heheh. Those doilies are super cute and I love the punched corners - really great with the different layers.

    PS I cry at cartoons all the time!

  14. Absolutely stunning Crissie, your colouring is amazing and I love the pretty doilies and heart details. Debbie x

  15. Oh Crissy I just LOVE this card!!!! And what a story behind it!!! You have a wonderful husband!! I bet you were both worn out by the time you got home, lol!!!

  16. this card is so cute!! your coloring is amazing and I can not imagine you needing any instruction- unless of course it is you who is really teaching the class LOL. I am sooooo excited to spend the time with you though!

  17. Yay!! I can see your Avatar Crissy!!...Oh you are just the Cutest...looks like you're enjoying some winter fun!!!..Hugs, Ila

  18. How cute is this!!!! Just darling, love it! :)
    Hugs, Christine

  19. Such a gorgeous card, Crissy.
    Your coloring is so amazing. I love how you punched the corners and how you used the heart doilies.
    What an adventure to get them!! Very sweet husband too.

    Karen x