Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Oops, sorry, ... hugs?

I needed a "missed your birthday" type of card, so I thought of this huggie dragon, who's so ugly he's cute (in a bull dog sort of a way!)
I wanted it to look like he was too late for the party, and all the balloons had lost their lift and were just lying on the floor.
I hand wrote the saying at the top.
Colored entirely with Tombow pens and spread with water.
There is glitter on his pink wings (photo doesn't show).
I did the holes in the green card front using different sized bits in my paper drill. Then dotted around them with a pink gel pen. Fun to do and I love the effect! The pink showing through the holes is a folded pink sheet of paper that I used as a sleeve for the writing on the inside of the card. I love how it made it kind of sort of look like flowers!
I gave the balloons some dimension using glue dots.
I did this card for the color challenge on Splitcoast today. It was fun to do!


  1. Oh, he is so adorable! Love your coloring and the holes and dots. I love how they look like flowers. Have a great day!

  2. Oh I love this Crissy, What gorgeous colours.. love what you have done to the paper.. The dragon sure looks huggable. xx

  3. Wow this card is gorgeous ,love the colours you have used ,Dawnxx

  4. He is just so adorable Crissy, your illustrations are wonderful! Wish my kids were small again, they would have a blast with these dragon images.

  5. Fantastic coloring! What a great background you created too-love it!

  6. Wow, I love this card. That dragon is so cute and I love how you've coloured it. Gorgeous!


  7. Such a cute card. You amaze me with every card!! Before I got to the part of the post where you explained the paper, I thought to myself...where did she get that paper?! You MADE it...so cleaver! And he is so darn cute! Thanks for sharing.
    ~Lacey Stephens

  8. I love this card Crissy!! the fabulously colored dragon is perfect for a missed BD or whatever...and I love the holes you made in the paper...a totally fabulous idea!!..Hugs, Ila

  9. Oh Crissy.. you have the new ones! Oh what a GORGEOUS dragon! I'm in love!

  10. Stunning colours. Love all the cards you do.

  11. Ahhh! This is so cute, would brighten up any ones day!


  12. Super cute card! I need to make a few of those for all the mistakes I make!

    Please visit my blog, today... I left something for you there! :)


  13. You've turned an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan Crissy!!
    Just heart stoppingly gorgeous!
    Viv xx