Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Love Letter To God 4

Hello Lord;
I love you. I just felt like writing to you today and telling you how much I love you and think about you. I can't stop thinking of how big your love is. It makes me feel overwhelmed. I love just thinking about it and trying to imagine how deep it is. I want to know you and your love more and more. There is nothing that makes me happier in life. Its just you.
I love how you reminded me the other day that you ARE love. You really are. That its not that you HAVE a love for me. You love me because you ARE love. Its not like with me; I can choose to love or not to love. With you, I wonder if its like you don't really have a choice because Love is who you are. You love because you are love. And you made me in your love. Wow. So nothing I do or do not do affects the love you have for me. It is not made greater or lessened by what I do or say or the choices I make. You love me unconditionally because love is who you are.
That is quite a concept. It is something I could think of all day. I wonder if that means then that the more I have of you in my heart, the more I will love you and others. I want to love others more Lord too. I want more of you in my heart. Please come and enter deeper into my heart today. I invite you to come in. I love you.
And thank you too, for helping me with my name. I struggled for years with that and you knew exactly why. Now I love my name because I heard you say it. And when you say it, it sounds like love. That healed my heart and now I love my name. Thank you so much for the continuing work you are doing to heal my heart God.
Signed with love,


  1. Christine is a beautiful name! And you're a beautiful person...don't forget that! You're so filled with love for everyone, you just amaze me.

  2. I just wanted to thank you for the lovely words you posted! It is just amazing that you are so open to share God's love for you and others...I wish people (including me, although I am getting better) weren't as afraid to share their words and feeling to and of God publicly! I too feel that god is love and felt his overwhelming and overflowing love in my heart as I look at each ne of my kids. I love them so much, I can only imagine how much God loves them and me! Thanks again and keep sharing your kind, loving spirit and beautiful work!

  3. Your words are so sweet and loving. I feel like I'm intruding upon someone's private love letters but reading them makes them mine too. I love Him in the same way and share those same words to Him. (He knows I'm plagiarizing though.) ;)

  4. Christine is indeed a beautiful name.

    I love your name and your heart for God.


    Christine!! ;o)