Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Penguin Campfire

Hi! I am still not into the swing of life-as-usual (yet!).  My pups are now seven months old, but still a handful, so my card making time is still taking a beating! But it won't be beat entirely, thanks to some early mornings (before the Cracken get released!) and some old fashioned grit and determination.  So here I am with another penguin card (oh, surprise, surprise ;-P) and this one is called Penguin Campfire.  I coloured it with Copics but I decided to blend out the sky colours with some coloured pencil atop the Copic layer (on the sky only).  White gel pen for the stars after everything was coloured. I love doing "glowing" scenes.  It really is not as hard as it looks.  You just have to add your yellow on first, where ever you want the image to glow, and then colour as per usual, but making your shadows a tad darker than you normally would.  It also helps a lot to have a really dark background. That is all you gotta do! This one was helped along by Copic because they have some flourescent shades that really already kind of glow.  And just an aside: when you want to colour fire, flames, for the most part, the whitest yellow should be coloured at the base of the flame, where it contacts the fuel (log, or whatever is on fire).  Then as the flame gets further and further from the source of the fuel, the flame darkens through orange to red. Most people colour fire the opposite way, with the whitish yellow at the top and work down to red at the bottom, but that's just not what a flame looks like IRL. So, ....   here's the Copic list: 
Glow on front of penguin, his clothes, the log he sits on, top of the rocks around the fire: FY1
Fire: YR07, R05, R27, FY1
Penguin White: E40, YR30, E41, E71
Penguin Black: W1,2,3,5,7,8,10
Penguin Beak and feet: YR12, 14, 16, 27, BV20, E71
Hoodie: R20, 21, 22, BG90, 93, C2
Rocks: T1,3,5,7
Logs in fire: E43,44,W9
Log seat: E43,44,79, W5,7
Atmosphere above fire: Y00, 11, YR30, C00
Sky: B0000, BG0000, C00, B32, 45, 97 and then blended to the yellow above the fire using coloured pencils
Ground: E40, 41, 42, 43, 53, BG96, G21
Twigs, tree and grass in background: E87, 89, E40, BG90
Smoke: C1,2,3 plus some grey coloured pencils
Stars: white gel pen
This is a new digital image at Whimsy Stamps and can be found HERE
Also used on this card are a sheet from the digital pack "Old Glory" and a sheet from a pack called "Ahoy There". 
Thanks so much for stopping by and looking! I hope to be back ... soon!! 


  1. Absolutley gorgeous. Thanks for taking time to explain how you colored the image and for listing all the markers used! That helps so much!

  2. That's so lovely. Your colouring is awesome. Love Dawn x