Thursday, March 17, 2011

Some thoughts I believe...

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Hello Dear Readers;

I'd like to share my perspective on the recent happenings in Japan if I may.  Reader beware: these are my personal thoughts and beliefs.  You are free to have your own.  I am simply choosing to share mine with you.  Read on if you dare!

First I'd like to say what I do not believe.   I do not believe that the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident are God's judgements being poured out on the earth.    I do not believe that God wanted, willed or allowed those disasters to happen to those dear people.  If God was free to prevent those disasters, He certainly would have.

My dear readers, I believe evil, no matter what form it takes, whether that be in the form of natural disasters or man's inhumanity to man, is the result of the fall of mankind.  That is where it began, in the Garden of Eden, when man chose to sin rather than to stay in loving relationship with God.  And our continual rebellion and hardness of heart is what perpetuates it.   We cannot blame the presence of evil in this world on God.   We are the ones who opened the door to it.

God does not send storms, calamities, sickness, earthquakes or any other natural disaster.  This fallen created world has been tampered with.  When we opened up the door to evil, the paradise man knew for a short time became a place of death, destruction and where the struggle to survive became the norm.  This was not God's will for us nor for any of His creatures from the beginning.  This natural earth has degraded from the peaceful paradise God meant it to be because mankind, by choosing sin, allowed Satan the destroyer to enter into it.

We cannot say exactly why, spiritually speaking, those disasters are taking place in Japan.  And if we try to pin it on them and say "they must be so sinful" we are making a grave mistake.  If you make such sweeping judgements, understand those same judgements could very well come back to hurt you.  But we can know generally, that it is because of the fall of mankind, when we gave Satan access to what once was paradise.

I believe that through the cross of Jesus, God forbids all evil, and has given us the antidote to all evil, in all its' forms.  Potentially now, because of the cross, we can overcome every evil we are confronted with the same way He did when He walked the earth.

 I see that on the cross, Jesus took the brunt, full force, of all the evil in the world that was brought about by man's sinful rebellion against God - past present and future - for all time.   His death purchased a way for us to live under Psalm 91 protection - where no evil would befall us, nor any plague come near our dwelling.  Jesus death not only gave us a way to spend eternity with Him but also gave us back the authority we lost to Satan in the Garden.  So that now we can say to the wind and the waves, "Peace be still" and they will obey us.  We can say to the sick man, "Be healed" and he will be.  Because now, the Life of Jesus can flow through us!  This is the potential for every man; if we would just give Him total access to our hearts and let go of our own selfish wills and foolish pride.

I believe God is love.  Right now,  always and forever, He is doing the highest good that we allow Him to do.  It is our trust in Him and our humbly turning to Him that opens the door to Him so that He can protect and deliver us from evil.  He is willing and able to do so, but first we must let Him.

God stands at the door of our hearts and knocks.  He does not go where He is uninvited.  Nor does He use His power to force His will on the earth.  It is up to us to want His will, to agree with it and allow it to flow in and through us.  I say "it", but really I mean "Him".  His will is Love and Love is a Person -and Love's name is Jesus.

Satan roams about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.  Jesus said the devil comes only to kill, steal and destroy.  When I see death, sickness and destruction, immediately I know who is the author of that.   That is Satan's M.O., not God's.

But the Good News is, Jesus has paid the price to set us all free from the evils of this present world!  I believe He is at work in Japan, and anywhere evil strikes, doing whatever He can do to overcome the evil with good.  He is ever ready to save, to heal, and to renew to life any who call upon Him.

And there's more Good News! There is no condemnation or judgment on us for ever failing to trust Him.  He will never judge or condemn us for allowing evil through our sin.  For all our sins are now forgiven and paid for - past, present and future.  Jesus took them all on the cross!  We are now clean and free before God! And His perfect love and righteousness is available to all!

If you think God is judging Japan through these disasters, then don't bother to pray for the suffering men, women and children, and don't help them with donations or any other means.  Otherwise, you will be praying and working against what you believe is God's will.

If you think God allowed it, that He stood by and could have stopped it but didn't, that makes Him an accomplice.  And by default, that would mean He willed it.  If that's the case, then don't bother to pray for them or help them in any way either, as you will also be praying and working against what you believe to be God's will.

I realize those are some tough thoughts. But dear Readers, if you believe these disasters are God's judgments and/or His will, then you need to be honest about what that implies.  I seriously hope you will step up and help.  I am just trying to stir you to think.  And to show you the harsh reality that results from such a stand.

But if you believe God is love, and that these awful events are the result of Satan's work (which is where my heart is) then lets ask God how we can help.  Let's find out what He does want now, and see if there is anything He wants us to do.

Just as we opened the door to evil through our sin, we can now open the door for God to come in to our world to spread His love and goodness to all!

He may ask you to pray and if He does, ask Him how to pray.  You may feel an inner nudge to donate some money.  Or to head up a fund raiser.  Just be available, and be willing to do whatever He tells you.  Keep your heart open to Him, and believe He will show you.  He is already willing and already wanting to save, heal and deliver ALL.   Lets set aside our own wants and desires, and freely offer ourselves to Him.  Let's be willing to join with Him in what He wants to do.  Its about what He wants to do through us.  So lets let Him love Japan through us!

I believe God is good!  He is light and in Him there is no darkness at all.  He is Love and far kinder than the kindest Father you could imagine.  He only wants to bless, heal, protect, save and deliver.  He loves you!

If you have read this through, thank you for taking the time.  God bless you and know that I am grateful for you.


  1. I think there is just one word that fits this statement: Amen. Hugs Ankie

  2. Excellent Crissy. I'm glad you took the time to share your feelings. If more of us would make such a strong statement of faith the world would be a better place.

  3. Hello Crissy ... I am a gal from Malaysia. I am a very quiet blog reader, wowing and wooing to myself whenever I view craft blogs but this time I just had to say something.

    I want to Thank you for standing up for Jesus at a time where the world starts pointing fingers. God is blamed for everything ! You shared bold and strong and you were not afraid to speak your heart. Thank you Crissy ! God Bless ..

    Mabel Atkinson

  4. Crissy, This is amazing and right from God's mouth to your heart. Amen sister, thank you for your printed words to share with the world. You are an amazing witness for Christ. Never apologize for that. May God continue to bless you and use you for your Art talents and beliefs shared.

  5. Wow, you go girl! Thanks for sharing your personal thoughts with the rest of the world, so happy to read this and I share your opinion. Really good of you to stand for it :-)
    Hugs Ingrid