Tuesday, October 5, 2010

On Hearing God Speak

This is another post in which I share my heartfelt beliefs about God.  To me, this is an act of worship to my God.  You can choose to tune in or tune out.  I will not be offended either way.  Bless you!

Do you know the voice of God?  Do you know what He says to you every day?  Did you ever hear Him, not with your physical ears, but with the ears of your heart?  Have you sensed Him trying to communicate to you, somewhere on a deeper level within you, in your subconscious mind, also known as your heart?
  I listen to God talk to me daily.  I used to think that only really "spiritual people" could hear God speak.  Just those prophets in the Bible, or those who worked miracles on the earth.  I didn't know He spoke to regular every day people like me.
  And I certainly didn't know He would be talking to me all the time.  I never knew He had so much to say to me personally!  But He does!  In fact, every time I tune in to listen, He is speaking to me!
  And I am drawn to listen.  Why? Because whenever I do, I get encouraged.  I get uplifted.  I get told of my enormous worth to Him.  I hear Him say how special I am to Him.  How highly He thinks of me.  How affectionately He loves me.  I wish I could convey just how life giving it is to hear Him speak these things to me.  His thoughts towards me are always good and always uplifting.  Even when He corrects me, it is with gentleness, love and affection.  I never feel condemned when He speaks to me.  I always feel peace.
  Hearing Him say these things to me gives me a strength that I would not have otherwise.  It gives me a deep abiding peace and joy.  I revel in the love I hear!  It carries me through circumstances and makes everything easier to handle.
  And if this is what He does for me, then this is what He does for you too, because He doesn't play favourites.  He loves all His children with the same intensity and He wishes to have a close relationship with everyone He made.
  I haven't always been able to hear Him clearly.  One of the things that kept me from hearing Him was that I thought I had to do something to earn an audience with Him.  You know, like He was a really busy guy, running the world and all, and how important was I really, for Him to take time out of His busy schedule to come and talk to me.  And who was I, just a nobody, doing nothing significant for Him.   I had to see that that type of thinking kept me from hearing Him.  Because I could not believe I was important enough for Him to talk to.
  Another barrier I used to have was, I didn't know how truly GOOD He is.  I thought, God is good, but... maybe He is mad at me... or, maybe He is going to ask me to do something that will scare me to death...  Those thoughts came from the devil, to keep me from hearing God.  Once I recognized that, and changed my heart beliefs to better reflect the Truth, that God is good ALL the time, those fears just disappeared.  And then I was able to hear Him.
  God will not speak evil to you.  He is not mad at you.  He does not want you to be afraid of Him.  And He wants you to know, that you are the most important thing on His agenda for today and indeed for every day.  You are the apple of His eye.  The child born of His heart.  He can't help but love you!
  If hearing God's voice is new to you, one of the ways you can practice hearing God is by using music.  Put on a love song.  A song you really love.  It doesn't have to be a song of worship from church.  Any good love song will do.  Now as you listen to that song, close your eyes and imagine the face of God -- see Him looking intently into your eyes as He cups His hands around your face -- and hear Him sing that song TO YOU.  As if He was the lovesick poet who penned those words for you.  Just listen like that for the duration of the whole song and keep picturing Him singing it to you!  Tell me if you try this and tell me what your experience is!  I'm curious to know if anyone tries it!
  I look around at the beauty of the world He created, and think to myself, I know the Guy who created all this!  I hear Hims speak to me every day.  Wow.  Amazing, that we can be so intimately acquainted with the most powerful being who ever was or will be.  And even more amazing still that I am so important to Him that He WANTS to speak to me, and tell me how much He loves me, every single day.
You are that important to Him too!
I dare you to tune in to listen!!
Bless you big time!


  1. Thanks Crissy,

    Just last night my eldest told me God talks to her and she can hear him. She then proceede to ask me if God loves her even when she misbehaves, to which I replied "yes". Your blog reminded me of this conversation. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The Lord was speaking to me through your writing. Thankyou for being obedient and posting it. It sure did bless me.


  3. Hi Crissy~~ Wow I am going to try the music cuz I do beieve!!
    I have to share that our family has been experiencing God In this way!! I do believe he is walking with us through our situation~~my family at diffcult but strategic times of need this year have been finding pennies on the ground. I shared with them that as we see these pennies they have a message on them--Look at a penny and read the words "In God We Trust". At first they thought it was coincidental but I will tell you that when times are tough and they keep on seeing a penny out of the blue--we call each other and thank God for walking along with us.
    God is soooo Good and he speaks to all our hearts through many different avenues.
    I asked my kids if they have been picking up the pennies and they said no because they want others to have the opportunity to BELIEVE as they have come to believe in HIM!!!
    Hugz and Blessings
    Mary Lou

  4. Crissy,
    I love what you've said here. So often we are so busy we don't hear what God is trying to say. I have been working on listening to what God wants me to do, then do it. That's a very tough thing to do. however, just the other day he told me to encourage a young man in our church with a card and I got up from the breakfast table, wrote out the card and took it to work to mail. usually I put that kind of thing on my to-do list. It was the coolest thing to be so aware of what God asked me to do, and I did it right then and there!
    Keep on singing God's praises sister in Christ. I add music videos to my blog so people can hear the music and see the words to encourage them. http://www.bensarmom.blogspot.com/
    Blessings for speaking God's truth here on your blog.