Monday, April 5, 2010

Name These Tigers!

I'm holding a "Name the Tigers" contest for this image I did for Squigglefly!  The winner will get this card plus the digital image which is currently called "Tiger Friends"  (sorry, no substitutes!)  Just think of two names that you might find fitting for this pair of tigers and let me know in your comment below.  You can try as many times as you like!  I'll leave it open until Saturday April 10th!

I coloured the tigers with the following Copics:
Stripes: C3, 6, 9, and 10
E95, 97, 99 and then Y38 all over that
E19 on their noses
W3 and 4 for shadows in white areas
The jungle leaves are my old High Hopes design that I stamped, cut out, and painted with water colours.  Then I beefed up the colour using G40 and 82 and YG67
It's funny how I now find it hard to leave a water colour as is; after using Copics so much, I feel water colours look too dull and washed out by comparison.  hmmmmmm

I used the Cuttlebug embossing folder twice to do the green panel, and sanded it with rough sand paper to show the white core.  The stitches are fake (well obviously).  I used the Scor Pal with the little hole making tool and then painted the stitches on with Copic White paint (love that stuff!). 
I've used Large Oval and Floral Accent dies from Spellbinders, and sponged on the ink colours while  they were still in the dies.  

  I used two layers of foam tape on the tigers and one layer of foam tape on the oval to pop them up. 

Thanks for stopping by for a visit! I hope you have a blessed day filled with the knowledge that you are loved by God!  He lovingly watches over you!


  1. the image is just darling and your card is - as always - gorgeous!

    my name picks are: jessie & june

  2. Brilliant card Crissy, these digis are super cute I will have to get them.

    Suzette x

  3. Absolutely gorgeous card and the image is so cute!

    I would go for Toby & Milo.


  4. These tigers are so cute!

    How about "Tig" and "Rrr"

    Clare x

  5. soo cute!

    I would call them.... hmm...

    Tucker and Tess.

  6. Too cute, I think they look like

    Crissy and Tyler

    I know Crissy is your name, but I still think one of them looks like a Crissy and the other a Tyler.

  7. Wonderful image Crissy! They are sooo adorable! Your coloring is so wonderful, and yes, I see the big transition in what you've done in the past.

    Since they are so full of action at this age, why not call the Rolly & Pully?

  8. Lovely card Crissy. Whoever wins it will be so lucky! okay, I'm going to be a little silly with my names and channel my dad here - Pete and Repeat. LOL!

  9. Lovely image Crissy. They look so playful, I immediately thought of Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum and the names I think would suit these mischievous 2 are Tigger-dee and Tigger-dum! Ho-hum...... hugs Sharon x

  10. Fabulous card! You color so well! How about Lenard and Lola?

  11. Those tigers are so adorable, Crissy!! I have no ideas for names, but just had to tell you how cute they are. :)

  12. My four year old who believe it or not is a Twilight fan says you should call them Edward and Bella. He loves Lions and Tigers and we have the Daddy lion and cubs you created so the Tigers will be a must for us.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  13. O how cute! I always think if "Tony" when I see a tiger, how about Tony and Tyler?

  14. So many good names already, but my 3 year old daughter wants to call them Tippy & Tike. When I asked her why "because that is what they are called" - enough for me. Sarah x

  15. Aw, these are too cute, Crissy!

    How about ...

    - Shikana and Sita
    - Anila and Azra

    Hugs, Simonne x

  16. Always wonderful! I left you something at my blog. Sherry

  17. Hi there

    Gorgeous tigers and as for names well

    Ginger and Snap.

    Hugs Ali x

  18. Wow this is so wonderful the colouring is fabulous. Such a lovely card. Hugs Marja

  19. Oh they're fabulous!
    Look like Tyler and Tom to me!

  20. They are too cute Crissy! Love your card!! How about Tucker and Tipper?? I don't know. That was just off the top of my tired head! ;) xx

  21. I love these cute images! My mom just bought them and I can't wait to colour them with her! I like
    the names Lila and George or Yuri
    and Yasu (Yuri means lily and Yasu
    means peaceful in japanese)

  22. These are just darling. Of course, your card is marvelous. Let's see
    Terrri and Timmi or maybe Tig and Tony.
    Doesn't matter what you call 'em, they're winners!

  23. Gorgeous image! The names Terry and Timmy popped into my head when I first saw them. Love the card, the colours are so vibrant.

  24. hi crissy they look like boys so how about Frank & Freddie, Janet T

  25. hai crissy,
    love love your work
    what about

    Tarzan and Jane

    Love your colloring

  26. Love the card and your coloring as for the names, the moment I saw the naughty faces, I thought of Bonnie and Clyde. Dont' ask me why!

  27. hi what adorable tiger cubs and the ard is beautiful now for the names this is tricky how about
    or maybe

    thankyou for the chance of winning its so sweet and adorable xx

  28. These tigers are sooooo uber-cute.
    I suggest you call them 'Takoda' which apparently means 'friend to all' and 'Tamasha' which means 'joyous occasion'. Wouldn't they just be perfect for announcing twins in the Year of the Tiger?


  29. This is gorgeous!! Perfect coloring of course and I just love your embellishments. They are beautiful!

  30. Tigger & Tabby

    Tabatha & Trigger

    Russell & Rover

    Twiddledee & Twiddledum - yep; just saw Alice in Wonderland - LOL

    LOL - fun, fun!! Beautiful coloring!!

  31. This is gorgeous honey, love the image you have coloured them beauifuly, big hugs Pops x

    Roary and Roxy

    Button & Bo

  32. Hi Crissy - this image is darling - who wouldn't want to own these - my family think you should call them:
    Abbot & Costello


    Simba & Kimba

    I think you should just call them 'mine!' LOL sorry I couldn't help myself!! Thanks for the opportunity !! Love them! God bless you! {{{hugs}}}

  33. Gorgeous, love them. My mother-in-law suggests Claude and Claudia (she likes to play with words!) Hev:)

  34. Awhh these tigers are so cute!!
    Names I would give them: Ruff and Reddy OR Sassy and Smiley
    Thanks Crissy :)

  35. I think you should call them Tika and Toka
    Ruth x

  36. OH OH OH....I got it! Call them Itchy and Scratchy!!