Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Checking in...

Hello Precious People!
I have been kind of MIA as of late. Summer is always a busy time what with traveling and making the most of sunny days. We went to Ottawa recently where my son Nik and his wife Alla reside. I got to see her growing "baby bump"... YEEEHAAAAW! I'm gonna be "GRANNY CRISSY" in a few months!!!!!
Also, I have a few creative projects "in the works" that I am so excited about, but for now it's a secret (shhhhhhhh!!!) and I can't share them just yet!
I am hoping I'll have time soon to make some more cards and videos to share with you.
In the meantime, God bless you and enjoy what's left of summer!
Hugs to all,


  1. I sense there will be a lot of baby cards coming soon! Congrats on your impending "Grandma" status.

  2. oh Crissy, how exciting for you to be a grandma! Do you know yet if you're going to have a granddaughter or grandson? What a wonderful time you will have being "granny Crissy"!

  3. Good to hear from you Crissy! Thanks for checking in with all of us! So exciting that there is a baby on the way. Congratulations!!! Can't wait to hear about the new things you have happening! xx

  4. Hi soon to be Granny Crissy! lol, fabulous news. Look forward to seeing what you have been up too, I love your wee tutorials, they are so helpful so Thank You for them. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

  5. Crongratulations on your "soon to be" arrival!

  6. I can't wait to see what you have in store next! And congratulations on becoming a grandma! God is good!

  7. Can't wait to hear this big secret. Glad you're back, Grandma Crissy. Hugs,

  8. Oh big congrats dear on becoming a Grandma!!! You will have that baby spoilt lol I have 6 grandkids now oh they keep you busy lol Big congrats dear. Now your teasing us with your secret!!!!!!! So not fair lol Hugs dear

  9. Well, congrats to the soon to be Gramma. Can't wait to see what you have been creating! I just love your art work.
    Hugs back,

  10. Woohooo!! Congrats Granny!!
    Just read the "other" news with HH

  11. Congratulations to you and your family Crissy!! How very exciting!!
    Can't wait to see what you have in the works, LOL!!!
    Have a great day!!! :)

  12. Congratulations!
    I have a quick question..are you going to open up your own stamp company? there's no one in this world who doesn't love your images and wouldn't buy directly from you.. I can't get enough of your images so I"m hoping..LOL!!!

  13. OOh the thought of more stuff from you is just, wel ooh ooh cant wait, wish we had a clue lol, anyway for now its lovely to se you post darling hope your ok, take care love and hugs June xx

  14. Miss you Crissy!!! Congratulations to your family and I bet you can't wait to hold the baby on your hand...enjoy your holidays.


  15. Hi there sweetie, oooh I am so excited to hear what it is, lol .... gee I am so impatient. Hope you and your family are all keeping well